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CFA Society of Dallas-Fort Worth is proud to present Charterholder Chatter – a podcast focused on investment professionals.

Join host Paul Olschwanger as he chats with local and national investment legends about a variety of topics including AI, cybersecurity and risk, ESG, and more.

Dec 2, 2022

One of the biggest challenges for asset managers is effectively articulating their stories and raising significant capital for their strategies and funds. Our special guest for this episode is a rock star in the global institutional asset management arena, with expertise for alternative investment firms. Over the course of 25 years, she has raised over $28b, and built 4 fund-of-funds from scratch. 

Rachel Minard launched Minard Capital in 2011, Minard Capital Media in 2014, Minard Venture Capital in 2015, and the innovative concept, Minard Guild, which we further discussed during our chat. Minard Capital supports or replaces global marketing teams to help identify, qualify, grow, and close new business. We talk about her unique journey, the history and future of capital raising, and what she is most excited about for the future of our industry.

Disclaimer: All podcast discussions represent only the views and opinions of the host and guests. This podcast in no way constitutes investment advice and is not an offer to buy or sell any products or services.