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CFA Society of Dallas-Fort Worth is proud to present Charterholder Chatter – a podcast focused on investment professionals.

Join host Paul Olschwanger as he chats with local and national investment legends about a variety of topics including AI, cybersecurity and risk, ESG, and more.

Jun 30, 2022

Local expert and blockchain enthusiast Baxter Hines shares his professional journey and pivot from traditional portfolio management to digital finance, with all topics and concerns up for discussion. 

Baxter is Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer with Honeycomb Digital Investments. He founded the firm in 2020...

Jun 15, 2022

You have come to the right place if looking for a conversation about the brain and investing, thanks to this week’s guest, Eric Bennett, who shares his unique experiences connecting brain health with successful investing.

Eric has over years of experience in the asset management industry and is the Co-founder,...

Jun 2, 2022

Sharing his philosophy and process for owning great businesses is Cory Whitaker, Founder, and CIO at Bowie Capital, who, like the legendary Peter Lynch, articulates clarity, passion, and conviction, even going back to his early teens when he bought Nike and still owns to this day. 

Cory launched Bowie...