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CFA Society of Dallas-Fort Worth is proud to present Charterholder Chatter – a podcast focused on the inspiring personal and professional journeys of local, national, and international investment professionals.

Nov 3, 2022

Our special guest today thought he was going to be a veterinarian, and yet somehow ended up in portfolio management, with a focus on global value investing. Dave Iben is the Founder, Chief Investment Officer, and Lead Portfolio Manager at Kopernick Global Investors, which manages roughly $7 billion dollars, utilizing a distinctive philosophy and a time-tested investment process focused on fundamental bottom-up research that Iben has been implementing for nearly four decades. 

Previously, he managed money at Vinik Asset Management, Tradewinds Global, and Palladian Capital Management. Dave earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis, and his MBA from USC. He holds the CFA designation as well. In today’s episode, we hear about the importance of independent thinking, buying something you understand that is selling for less than its worth, shopping for value globally that provides the biggest opportunity set, and taking advantage of irrational thinking. 

Disclaimer: All podcast discussions represent only the views and opinions of the host and guests. This podcast in no way constitutes investment advice and is not an offer to buy or sell any products or services.