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CFA Society of Dallas-Fort Worth is proud to present Charterholder Chatter – a podcast focused on investment professionals.

Join host Paul Olschwanger as he chats with local and national investment legends about a variety of topics including AI, cybersecurity and risk, ESG, and more.

May 18, 2023

Right now, you might be in the gym, driving to work or in your office wondering how the heck we are going to keep you interested over the course of 20 minutes talking about bonds. Guess what, I was wondering the same thing before I was connected to our special guest, David Carlson, who is President and Chief Investment Officer at NY-based Lucid Management, a specialized fixed income manager focused on short duration portfolios and cash equivalents.

David has been engaged in the fixed income markets for 30 years as a trader, risk manager, structurer, senior coverage officer and business developer at several global banks and broker dealers. He has managed fixed income portfolios and collateralized transactions through multiple market cycles while overseeing the front-to-back risks and developing portfolio solutions.

He began his fixed income career trading floating rate notes, corporate bonds, and asset-backed securities at UBS and structuring mortgage-backed securities at Goldman Sachs.

David graduated from Harvard University with an MBA in Finance and University of Maryland with High Honors in Economics and General Honors Program.

On today’s chat, David shares his professional journey, why the focus on fixed income over the course of 30 years, learning moments from 2022, proudest moments, and excitement for the future.